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Publicado em: 12 Outubro 2023

ERASMUS Mundus EMMaH Kicked-Off

This October 2023 we celebrate the official kick-off of the first cohort of students participating in the Euro-Asian Master in Medical Technology and Healthcare Business (EMMaH) // ERASMUS Mundus.

Last week in Germany the University of Applied Sciences of Hamburg (HAW-Hamburg) received the EMMAH partners and this brand new group of students to start the first semester of the renewed EMMAH programme.

This group of students come from all over the world and gather several nationalities empowering diversity and multiculturalism. These brilliant minds will undoubtedly share and learn much throughout their academic path in different countries and environments: Germany, Portugal, France and Taiwan. 

Professor Sandra Rua, the EMMAH coordinator at the School of Health of the Polytechnic University of Porto, attended this kick-off in Hamburg and had the opportunity to welcome the students personally. Thank you for being an inspiration for these young students.

We wish you all the best.

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