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Biochemistry in Health student participates in mobility program under the LAPASSION project

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Our Master's in Biochemistry in Health student, Rejane Viana dos Santos was a part of the LAPASSION international project as a mobility student. We had a chat with Rejane and asked her about her mobility experience. We are a part of the partner network of the LAPASSION project under the Polytechnic of Porto.


Hi Rejane! So happy to be learning more about your experience abroad. But first, please tell us about yourself.

I am Rejane Viana, Brazilian, and I have been living in Portugal for 3 years. I came to get my Master's degree in Biochemistry in Health. In Brazil I finished my degree in Nutrition, the area I work in since 2019. I am in the last year of my Master's and I have been participating in the project opportunities offered by the school. LAPASSION was an excellent experience.

We're glad you have been able to enjoy these opportunities. How did you find out about the mobility opportunity through LAPASSION project?

I received an institutional email from IPP talking about the project, application conditions, deadlines and more information about where the project would take place. At the time I was very excited, even though I knew nothing about the city in the State of Goiás (Itumbiara). I was excited and organised documents for application. When I was approved I was very happy because, besides participating in a project of this size and importance, I would also have the opportunity to visit my family, whom I had not seen since my arrival from Brazil in November 2020.

Once you got there, what were the main goals of your visit to the Host Institution?

To understand how the co-creation project worked based on empathy. The fact that it was on-site helped with developing bonds, having a better perception of the stages, relating with the group, dividing tasks, besides getting to know a little more about the diversity of people that make up a large country like Brazil. The cultural diversity is something that fascinated me. While in the host institution, it was possible to listen to stories, share experiences, create networks with more students, institutes and partner companies (counterpart).

What an interesting project. How was your overall experience?

I think it was very good! At a glance, I would change some attitudes I had, but in general the immersion in this great LAPASSION project was fruitful. It made it possible to think outside the box, stimulate creativity alongside the team, learn about different points of view and admire group work. It was an amazing experience.

 Do you think back fondly about any details of your experience? What would you like to highlight?

The willingness to learn, sharing of both personal and work experiences. The fact that I had participated in other co-creation projects helped me to anticipate some of the anxieties that are common in "first time sailors". In addition, because I was the oldest person in my group, putting myself in the place of teaching and learning was amazing. In the experiences as leader and as follower, I realised how much we grew throughout the 8 weeks. It was a team work. I highlight my security with the challenge that was proposed to us. It was not easy, but we were able to achieve and overcome even the mismatches that arose in the middle of the process. Exercising empathy and patience is also a highlight of my experience in the LAPASSION project.

Thank you so much Rejane for your positive attitude and willingness to go beyond and explore new opportunities and challenges.

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LAPASSION is a project that aims to develop multidisciplinary projects and practical work where teams of students from different fields and countries create and develop joint projects proposed by companies and organisations.
The goal is to train students to develop real-world projects and cooperate with other students from different fields and countries. Students develop new skills, social skills, and innovate to meet the needs of companies and organizations.
LAPASSION is a network of parts of other existing networks and has the cooperation of several universities and federal institutes.