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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Atividades de Intervenção

As candidaturas ao Programa Internacional de Mobilidade de Pessoal Docente para a Universidade de Haifa, em Israel, estão abertas até ao próximo dia 19 de Julho de 2019.

Erasmus+ mobility grant for 4 Staff members from Escola Superior de Saúde – Politécnico do Porto, Portugal (ESS-PPorto) to University of Haifa, Israel 


The Polytechnic Institute of Porto is coordinating the project Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (action Erasmus+ KA107 Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility between programme and partner countries) with reference 2018-1-PT01-KA107-047025 for cooperation with several countries.

Under the scope of this cooperation it is planned a mobility of 4 Staff members from ESS-PPorto to University of Haifa, with experience in the cooperation.


There is a growing connection between University of Haifa and IPP, namely involving the Therapy and Rehabilitation areas

UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA (UH) is the largest comprehensive research University in the north of Israel, with 18,000 students in 6 Faculties and 52 academic departments. The mission of the University is to conduct research at the highest international level and to prepare the coming generations of scholars, professionals and citizens for Israeli democracy. Haifa University has launched an ambitious program of internationalization that includes receiving more than 1000 foreign students in mobility programs annually, sending an increasing number of students abroad, and launching 20 new international graduate programs, which constitute the leading English language platform in Israel for double degree collaborations.

The main purpose of this exploring visit is to identify country/institution needs in terms of therapy and rehabilitation education; analyze undergraduate and master degrees curricula characteristics; determine strong pedagogical/research areas and experiences held in each institution; develop a proposal for future projects (i.e. teaching joint courses, development of joint research projects, or other); identify and explore other health related areas where international cooperation (including students’ mobility) may be developed; identify other international partners to involve in a larger project.


Number of Erasmus Mobility Grants +

4 mobility grant from 4 Staff member from ESS | P.Porto to University of Haifa.


Financial Support

University of Haifa: The selected staff will receive support for travel (€ 530) and stay for 6 days including 4 days of work and 2 days for travel (€ 180*6). Total amount: € 1610


Requirements to apply

Preconditions for applying for the fellowships are the following:

- to be staff from ESS-PPorto

- previous experience in cooperation projects with IPP

- to be available to be in Haifa (Israel) in the week between August 31st  till September 5th  , 2019


In order to apply for the grant, the candidates will have to send the following documents:

- Curriculum Vitae (in English language)

- Proof of previous experience in internationalization, namely experience in cooperation projects between Portugal- Israel (for example list the cooperation and multidisciplinary projects in which the candidate was involved, including some information about the project, the developed tasks and activities and any other information the candidate considers relevant)

- Motivation letter titled “Why am I the right candidate to participate in this mobility” (maximum 1 page) – please include in the letter that you are available to be in Israel from August 31st  till September 5th  , 2019 (mandatory).

How to send the application?

Applications need to be sent to the following email address:



Applications need to be submitted till 19th-July-2019 (11:59 pm)

Acceptance/Rejection of Applications

Candidates will receive 2 mails, one confirming the reception of the documentation, and another with the acceptance or rejection of the application.

Classification and Sequencing of Candidates

The classification and ranking of the Staff will be based in the following criteria:

a) Curriculum Vitae (0-25 points)

b) Previous experience in internationalization (0-25 points)

c) Previous Experience in cooperation Portugal-Israel (0-25 points)

d) Motivation letter (0-25 points)

Candidates will be sequenced according to the decreasing values of the classifications. In case of the same classification to one or more candidates, it will be given priority to criteria B and C, as well as belonging to Therapy and Rehabilitation Areas. The prioritywill also regard the existing areas in the University of Haifa. 



Jury President: Nuno Rocha

Jury member: Manuela Vieira da Silva

Jury member: Rosália Fonte

Jury substitute member: Pedro Monteiro