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Name of the Project: Joint European Master in Speech-Language and Hearing Innovation (JEMSHI)

Project number: 101082235

Type of Project: ERASMUS-EDU-2022-EMJM-DESIGN

Duration: 15 months



  • School of Health - Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.Porto)
  • Slovenia: University of Maribor (UM)
  • Georgia: Ilia State University (ISU)



Grant amount: EUR 55.026


Grant amount

School of Health - Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.Porto)

          24 640,00 €

Slovenia: University of Maribor (UM)

          14 691,00 €

Georgia: Ilia State University (ISU)

          15 695,00 €


          55 026,00 €




Project Summary: Joint European Master in Speech-Language and Hearing Innovation The ability to communicate is a fundamental human skill, critical for personal and social competences, allowing successful personal and professional relationships, and imperative for social inclusion. The theoretical and clinical domains of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) are at the heart of both speech-language therapy and audiology. While the professional competencies of speech-language clinicians and audiologist are defined in BA-level study programs, MA-level advanced studies, contribute significantly to professionalism and subsequently to the well-being of clients. Moreover, global changes in health services paradigms trigger the need for major changes in these professionals’ profile, creating opportunities for development and implementation of new services, products and technologies that may transform the way communities come together. The “European Master in Speech-Language and Hearing Innovation” is an HEI proposal joining together Portugal, Georgia, Slovenia, Finland and Israel as partners who share the vision of promoting the domain of CDS and its practitioners in the context of diverse social and professional realities. Specifically, this proposal aims to provide professionals with advanced competences and skills in professional practices, research, ethics, multiculturality, quality and leadership. This 120 ECTS (four-semester) program results from intense collaborative work between these institutions since 2019 and is already in an advanced stage of development. The consortium intends to finalize ongoing work and to apply for EMJM measures, providing a new high-quality educational opportunity with potential impact in EU and developing countries.



Coordination of the project in School of Health (ESS): Professor Doutor Pedro André Guerreiro Martins de Araújo


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