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CISA - Centro de Investigação em Saúde e Ambiente

The Research Centre in Health and Environment - Centro de Investigação em Saúde e Ambiente (CISA) - is a newly established research and development (R&D) unity hosted at School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.

The main goals of CISA are to promote interdisciplinary research, education, development and training in areas of health and environment through its R&D thematic areas:

Occupational Health, Toxicology and Environment;

(Bio) technology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics;

Education and Health Promotion.

The dichotomy environment-health has been broadly emphasised and has driven several policies and programs in which CISA has aligned its research. Issues that are concerning different stakeholders, specially health services and industry. In order to achieve this, CISA has a young and multidisciplinary research team who have a very strong link to the ESS-P.PORTO and to the surrounding community, due to their simultaneous role as lectures/professors as well as professional qualification in the areas of health technologies/allied health and consequently knowledge on the topics at hand.

 These dual role allows an important and a dynamic network with a majority society sectors whose support and promote the applied research of CISA. Furthermore, CISA has new facilities in the heart of Asprela Campus which facilitates and provide effective communication channels between national and international partners.



Agostinho Luís da Silva Cruz, PhD



In the last five years 40% of CISA members obtained the PhD degree (13/25) and published 186 scientific publications (a ratio of 7.4/researcher), particularly 132 peer review papers, 30 books/book chapters and 24 proceedings papers. Additionally, 46 master thesis from ESS master degrees were supervised by CISA researchers, and, through a collaboration protocols between Spanish Universities and ESS-P.PORTO, PhD thesis of Advanced Biotechnology Doctoral Programme are supervised by CISA members.


Investigadores Integrados/Integrated Researchers


Investigadores Colaboradores/Collaborator Researchers





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