CIR - Stress-Less-Shoe Project

"Stress Less Shoe"


Researchers - Rubim Santos and Helena Sousa

Partners – KBRINKA; KLAVENESS; CALAFE; Faculty of Sports of University of Porto (FADEUP); ESTSP-IPP; CTCP; INEGI

Budget - 353,932.77€

Funding Agency – QREN (Nº3470)

Duration – 3 years


Stress-Less-Shoe project main goal is to develop plantar orthosis and footwear that lower down the locomotion mechanical stress to patients with prolonged and occasional overload conditions. This project has a multidisciplinary team with complementary competencies and it is constituted with 1 company that produces molds (KBRINKA), 2 footwear companies (KLAVENESS and CALAFE), 2 scientific R&D entities (FADEUP and ESTSP-IPP) and 2 technological R&D entities (CTCP and INEGI).

This project will integrate the knowledge and the “know-how” of each of the involved partners in order to generate knowledge at three different levels: Kinetic, Kinematic and Podological of the studied individuals’ gait, creating methodologies that support and sustain the proposed developments as well research and technological development (R&D).

From this co-promotion, the following results emerge:

  • New knowledge and capabilities in the area of biomechanics for application in insoles and footwear aimed to individuals in continuous and occasional overload;
  • Integration of the characterization and specifications of the consumer in the proposed developments;
  • Integration of numerical simulation and fast prototyping to support the development of orthopedic solutions;
  • Formulations with high incorporation of natural cork that allow to respond to specifications of damping and plantar distribution in the different critical points;
  • Kinetic and cinematic orthotics adapted to the gait of individuals in continuous and occasional overload;
  • Construction of footwear, incorporating developed orthoses;
  • Multifunctional footwear kinetic and kinematically adapted to the gait of individuals in continuous and occasional overload;
  • A seal that allows to certify and to differentiate the developed products from those available in the market.



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