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International Students

The School of Health of the Polytechnic of Porto (ESS) is a public higher education institution recognized in the national and international scope for the quality of teaching and for the excellence of the professionals who are trained here. International students are welcome through the opening of a special competition for this purpose.

Learning healthcare goes way beyond training. Life experience, networking, listening to new approaches, methods and solutions might be the key to making you the best professional you can be.

Who is covered by the International Student Statue? 

who can apply?

What are the conditions of access?

What is the value of fees?

What are the study cycles offered?



 Partnership Masters

Where can I apply?

Applications must be made through the CEEI - Concursos Especiais para Estudantes Internacionais - and are presented online at the P.PORTO portal with the following address: https://portal.ipp.pt > Candidaturas > Regulamentação > Provas de Acesso para Estudantes Internacionais > Concurso Especial.