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Nuno Barbosa Rocha

Research interests: neuromodulation; social cognition; empathy and theory of mind; mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia/psychosis, depression); stress and lifestyle.




Bio Sketch

Nuno Rocha is professor and vice-president of School of Health of Polytechnic of Porto (ESS | P. PORTO). He is senior researcher (integrated member) and vice-director of the Center for Rehabilitation Research, coordinator of the neurocognition group and member of the management board of the Clinical Training Unit of ESS | P. PORTO. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Porto with a dissertation about social cognition in schizophrenia (2012). His background is in rehabilitation (BSc in occupational therapy) and psychology (BSc and MSc), and he is a registered psychologist and occupational therapist. Main research interests are in cognitive and social dysfunctions in mental disorders and remediation, including behavioural and brain stimulation methods, as well as neurophysiological mechanisms underlying social cognition. N. Rocha has >70 publications in peer-review journals and has been involved in several clinical trials of cognitive and behavioural training methods for psychiatric and neurological disorders.











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