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The School of Health (ESS) is a well-established school with a recognised path in education and research in Technologies and Health Sciences.  

In 2004 the school became a part of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P. PORTO), but its historical roots go further back, starting in Hospital Training Centres providing education in the fields of Diagnostics and Therapeutic Technologies. In 1980, these courses went on to the Technical School of Health Services of Porto, still under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.  

Along with technological development in Health fields, there was the need of creating a higher education in the fields of Diagnostics and Therapy Technologies, which led to the integration of these courses in the national educational system as a part of Polytechnic Higher Education. After these reforms, the school's designation was changed to School of Health Technology of Porto. More recently, in 2016, the current designation as the School of Health was settled.

In 2006, ESS was formally recognised as one of the organic units that make up the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. At the time, the school's curricula had an offer of thirteen bietapic bachelor's degrees.

From 2008 on, ESS started working on reforming its bachelor's degrees according to the Bologna Declaration. Now having a legal framework to confer the degree of Master autonomously, the school began teaching second cycles of studies in the field of Health Technologies, having been a pioneer amongst the Portuguese Health Technology Schools in the implementation and finalising of these types of masters Degrees.  

Considering the needs of the job market and the free movement of students and professionals within the EU area, in 2014 ESS felt the need to reform its portfolio again. From this reform emerged four new bachelor's degrees, three of which were made up from existing degrees, and two new master's degrees in the fields of Health Technologies. Furthermore, ESS extended its education offer to other fields of health, formalising a new bachelor's degree and a master's degree in fields related to health and a new bachelor's degree in the field of Non-Conventional Therapies.  

Currently, the School of Health is the biggest Institution of Polytechnic Higher Education in the field of Health in Portugal, and the third biggest School of Porto Polytechnic - also the biggest Polytechnic Institute for Higher Education -, with around 3000 students in 12 bachelor's degrees and 7 master's degrees, two of which are taught in partnership with other higher education institutions.  

Devoted to education, research and serving the community, ESS has statutory, pedagogical, scientific, cultural and administrative autonomy in its specific field of expertise and in the context of the courses currently offered. Keeping in mind the need for constant improvement and lifelong learning, the school also provides an in-depth training portfolio in terms of postgraduate courses and a diverse, innovative and relevant continuing training offer, being on par with State-of-the-Art Health fields.  

With 40 years of history and operation, the School of Health (ESS) has come a long way and is proud of the path already taken and of the high teaching standards that have always been a guiding principle of the institution, looking forward to an even more promising future.