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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapeutics or Speech Therapy, an intervention addressed to communication, language, speech and swallowing, first appeared in the United States of America (USA), meant for the rehabilitation of soldiers deployed to World War II and the Vietnam War. This therapy was aimed at recovering the lost faculties, particularly speech, in adult patients.

Nowadays, the scope of activity of a Speech Therapist (ST) is substantially larger, comprising all the alterations in Language, Communication and Interaction of patients from all age groups, as well as swallowing alterations and other related pathologies. This enlargement resulted in the extension of the patients’ clinical picture to other areas. Despite a constant evolution in the rehabilitation field, the speech therapist was called up to promote the integration of children suffering from communication, language and speech disorders. On the other hand, the Speech area was itself subdivided, with professionals specializing in Articulation, Voice or Vocal Loss, according to the departments they work for.

Nowadays we find STs in teams of Early Intervention, educational teams working with children and adolescents, (especially in Deaf nuclei and Multidisabilities Support units), in teams of rehabilitation of children/adults, and in specific areas such as Otolaryngology (hearing and voice disorders,…), Orthotics, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery meant for the reconstruction of organs involved in speech delivery, Neurology, support centres to junior and senior populations, or in Long-term Care Units


Número: R/A-Ef812/2011/AL01
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho nº. 13250/2016 (2ª. Série)
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Aquisição e Desenvolvimento da Linguagem II Semester 6.0
Bases Para a Terapia da Fala II Semester 6.5
Fonologia Semester 1.5
Linguística e Análise do Discurso II Semester 3.0
Neuroanatomia e Neurofisiologia Semester 5.5
Anatomy Of Speech Systems Semester 2.5
Anatomophysiology Semester 6.5
Biostatistics Semester 4.0
Linguística e Análise do Discurso I Semester 2.5
Psicologia do Desenvolvimento II Semester 5.0
Aquisição e Desenvolvimento da Linguagem I Semester 4.0
Bases Para a Terapia da Fala I Semester 4.0
Psicologia do Desenvolvimento I Semester 4.0
Fonética Semester 5.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Ciências Liguísticas e Análise Fonológica do Discurso Semester 4.5
Bases Para a Terapia da Fala III Semester 4.0
Bases Para a Terapia da Fala IV Semester 6.0
Perturbações da Voz na Comunicação Humana II Semester 4.5
Comunicação Aumentativa e Alternativa Semester 4.0
Perturbações da Voz na Comunicação Humana I Semester 4.0
Perturbações da Linguagem na Criança Semester 5.5
Perturbações da Fluência na Comunicação Humana Semester 5.5
Clinical Education I Semester 2.0
Orofacial Motion And Sensitivity And Swallowing Semester 4.0
Language Neurology Semester 6.0
Articulation Disorders In Human Communication Semester 4.0
General And Respiratory Pathology Semester 3.5
Psychopedagogy Semester 2.5
3º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Research Project In Speech Therapy I Annual 4.0
Bases Para a Terapia da Fala V Semester 6.0
Perturbações da Linguagem no Adulto Semester 5.0
Perturbações da Comunicação Humana na Perturbação Neuromotora Semester 7.5
Gestão das Organizações e Sociedade Semester 5.0
Discussão de Casos Semester 4.5
Clinical Education II Semester 4.0
Contexts Of Specific Intervention Semester 4.5
Human Communication Disorders In Deafness Semester 7.0
Motor Disorders Of Speech Semester 2.5
Data Analysis And Processing Semester 5.0
Perceptual Bases For Communication Semester 3.0
Communication Skills In Interpersonal Relations Semester 2.0
4º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Clinical Education III Annual 54.0
Projecto de Investigação em Terapia da Fala II Annual 6.0
The speech therapist works in public or private healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, private practices and rehabilitation centres. He can also develop his activity in other contexts, such as kindergartens, schools of regular and special education, third age support centres, long-term care units, as well as occupying research and teaching positions in higher education institutions.

Application Grade (minimum)

95 points

Tests for Admission

95 points

02 Biology and Geology

Application Grade (Formula)

High School Average Grade 50%

Tests for Admission 50%


Medical Certificate

Individual Health Survey

Declaration of absence of language/speech pathologies and fluency in Portuguese

Speech Therapist Survey Template

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