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Licenciatura em Osteopatia

A degree in Osteopathy gives qualification to perform a professional and autonomous activity, described in the order in Diário da República, 1st series, no. 109 of 5 June 2015.

Aims to train professionals with knowledge, skills and competences in order to execute an excellence performance, particularly in the context of the activities carried out in the different areas of osteopathy. This cycle of studies gives an access to the profession consistent with the development of skills appropriate to the autonomous exercise of the profession of osteopath at the level of requirement patterns defined in Ordinance No. 207-B/2014 of October 8 international organizations and in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and according to the World Health Organization benchmarks


Acreditado por: 3 years em

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729 - Saúde - programas não classificados noutra área de formação
Número: R/A-Cr 100/2016
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho nº.9536/2016
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Human Anatomy I 1st Semester 5.0
Palpatory Exploration I 1st Semester 5.0
Functional Biochemistry 1st Semester 4.0
Cell Biology and Histology 1st Semester 4.0
Introduction to the Profession 1st Semester 4.0
Human Physiology I 1st Semester 5.0
General Pathology 1st Semester 3.0
Human Anatomy II 2nd Semester 5.0
Estudo do Movimento Humano 2nd Semester 8.0
Técnicas de Avaliação Medição e Exploração 2nd Semester 6.0
Exploração Palpatória II 2nd Semester 5.0
Health Psychology 2nd Semester 2.0
Human Physiology II 2nd Semester 4.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Osteopatia Estrutural I 1st Semester 14.0
Patologia Médico Cirúrgica I 1st Semester 3.5
Teorias e Modelos em Osteopatia 1st Semester 2.5
Meios Complementares de Diagnóstico 1st Semester 3.0
Introdução à Nutrição 1st Semester 1.0
Psychology Of Communication And Interpersonal Relationships 1st Semester 4.0
Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1st Semester 2.0
Osteopatia Estrutural II 2nd Semester 14.0
Patologia Médico Cirúrgica II 2nd Semester 4.0
Estudos de Caso em Osteopatia 2nd Semester 3.5
Ensino Clínico I 2nd Semester 6.0
Primeiros Socorros e Suporte Básico de Vida 2nd Semester 2.5
3º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Patologia Médico Cirúrgica III 1st Semester 4.0
Osteopatia Estrutural III 1st Semester 7.0
Opção 1 - Osteopatia no Desporto 1st Semester 4.0
Osteopatia Visceral e Craneal I 1st Semester 7.0
Research Methodologies 1st Semester 2.0
Osteopatia Visceral e Craneal II 2nd Semester 10.0
Patologia Médico Cirúrgica IV 2nd Semester 4.0
Opção 2 - Osteopatia em Pediatria 2nd Semester 4.0
Management and Economics of Health 2nd Semester 2.0
Biostatistics 2nd Semester 4.0
Ensino Clínico II Annual 12.0
4º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Tese/projeto de Licenciatura Annual 8.0
Seminars Annual 10.0
Ensino Clínico III Annual 42.0
The provisions of ministerial order No. 207-B/2014, of 8 October. The osteopath develops his professional activity in health care institutions, both public and private. On the other hand, he can also develop research activities.

Type: Selection

Group A-Doctor and Individual Health Questionnaire

Evidence of Ticket (one of the following sets)

02 biology and geology;

02 biology and geology + 07 physics and chemistry;

02 biology and geology + 19 mathematics

Minimum Ratings

Application note: 95 points

Evidence of admission: 95 points

Calculation formula

Secondary average: 50%

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