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The Pharmacy Technician works within a team of healthcare assistants, providing information and counselling to customers and health professionals in what concerns to the use of medications and other health products, as well as healthcare provision in Pharmacy.

This professional is qualified to intervene in the different stages of the drug circuit, from its ordering and reception to the storing and dispensing to the customer. More specifically:

• Pharmacological analysis and tests

• Interpretation of therapeutic prescriptions and pharmaceutical formulas

• Preparation, identification and distribution of medicines

• Control of the preservation, distribution and stocking of drugs and other products.

The use of medications in modern societies is an unquestionable benefit, which enables pharmaceutical industry to answer the needs and demands of populations, while contributing to a significant improvement in the quality of life. Therefore, the involvement of Pharmacy Technicians in health teams contributes in a decisive way to a more effective health system, promoting a rational and safe use of medicines.


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727 - Ciências farmacêuticas
Número: R/B-AD-253/2008
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho n.º 9283/2010 (2.ª Série),
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Management Of Scholar Life 1st Quarter 3.5
Introduction To Pharmacy 1st Quarter 9.0
Chemical And Biomolecules I 1st Quarter 6.0
Integrated Laboratory Practice I 1st Quarter 1.5
Fundamentals Of Experimental Planning I 2nd Quarter 3.5
Chemical And Biomolecules II 2nd Quarter 6.0
Integrated Laboratory Practice II 2nd Quarter 1.5
Morphological And Functional Systems I 2nd Quarter 9.0
Fundamentals Of Experimental Planning II 3rd Quarter 3.5
Laboratory In Pharmacy 3rd Quarter 6.0
Integrated Laboratory Practice III 3rd Quarter 1.5
Morphological And Functional Systems II 3rd Quarter 9.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Drug Pharmacognosy And Biotechnology 1st Quarter 5.0
Diseases Agents And Vectors 1st Quarter 7.5
Integrated Laboratory Practice IV 1st Quarter 4.0
Epidemiology And Public Health 1st Quarter 3.5
Pharmacotechnology I 2nd Quarter 5.5
Simulations I 2nd Quarter 2.5
Integrated Laboratory Practice V 2nd Quarter 4.0
Conventionaltherapeutic Systems I 2nd Quarter 8.0
Pharmacotechnology II 3rd Quarter 5.5
Simulations II 3rd Quarter 2.5
Integrated Laboratory Practice VI 3rd Quarter 4.0
Conventionaltherapeutic Systems II 3rd Quarter 8.0
3º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Dermopharmacy And Cosmetic 1st Quarter 4.5
Organization And Management Of The Pharmacy I 1st Quarter 4.5
Simulations III 1st Quarter 4.0
Conventionaltherapeutic Systems III 1st Quarter 7.0
Organization And Management Of The Pharmacy II 2nd Quarter 4.5
Simulations IV 2nd Quarter 4.0
Alternative Therapeutic Systems 2nd Quarter 7.0
Health Products 2nd Quarter 4.5
Quality Management 3rd Quarter 5.0
Management And Entrepreneurship 3rd Quarter 5.0
Simulations V 3rd Quarter 4.0
Health Education 3rd Quarter 6.0
4º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Practicum Experience Annual 60.0
Nowadays, Community Pharmacies employ a major part of the graduates. Other institutions of drug manufacturing/retailing and healthcare assistance can also hire Pharmacy Technicians for the execution of their tasks, particularly non-prescription drug retailers (Decree-Law 134/2005 of August 16), where they can undertake the function of Technical Managers. Other entities that can hire Pharmacy Technicians are pharmaceutical industry, health centres, teaching institutions and research centres.

Minimum Grade

95 points

Tests for Admission

95 points

One of the following combinations:

02 Biology and Geology


02 Biology and Geology + 07 Physics and Chemistry


02 Biology and Geology + 16 Mathematics

Application Grade (Formula)

High School Average Grade 50%

Tests for Admission 50%


Medical Certificate

Individual Health Survey

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